Growing up on the Island of Jersey,  Chris speant most of his time outdoors clambering rocks at Greve or pestering his Dad for a lift down the 5 Mile. After living in Sydney and London, he was called back to his roots. Signing off from city life and following his passion for cooking using Fire. His Pizza obsession began in Perth, where he baked for a Turkish Bakery using their home built wood fired oven.



It's definitely been a project of passion! Our friends thought we were nuts when we bought a trailer straight from the Army, but we could see its potential. We had our oven custom made in Dorset, and with a deeply considered design,  we built our beloved all terrain wood-fired Pizzeria. Check out or journey here. Every event sparks a chat about the trailer, so feel free to come and have a nose around.


The good thing about us is that we can go anywhere!  We tow our oven with our trusty Land Rover. No muddy field or beach will stop us from setting up, stoking the fire and serving up our rustic sourdough pizzas to your hungry guests. For tighter spaces we have a mini oven that fits in a backpack!




We love Jersey and all the goodness it creates! Where we can, we use fresh local produce. Nina Blake from Green House Project creates delicious sauces made from surplus jersey tomatoes. Our special 'Nina' pizza uses a big dollop of her spicy sauce! Also check out Gracie Davies at  Sprouts Farm Club. They make mini humans happy and grow wonderful things!